Throughout the season a number of competitions take place.  Details of the club competitions are given here.  Please see below for a summary of the rules (including naming and sizing requirements).

League Competitions

  • Entry is open to all club members to compete on an individual basis.
  • There are 3 open subject competitions throughout the season and a 4th 'set subject' competition.
  • The dates for the competitions (and the deadlines for submission) are detailed in the Winter Programme.
  • [UPDATE: November 2018] There will be 2 competition categories - Prints (in which monochrome prints and colour prints will be judged together) and Digital.  Members may enter a maximum of 2 images into each category:    
  • A maximum of 2 Prints which could consist of:
    • 2 Monochrome Prints or
    • 2 Colour Prints or
    • 1 Monochrome and 1 Colour Print
  • maximum of 2 Digital Projection Images.

Digital Image of the Year

  • Entry is open to all club members to compete on an individual basis.
  • A maximum of 3 digital images (not previously entered into this competition) should be submitted.
  • The Inga Howse Cup will be presented to the best digital image.

Print of the Year

  • Entry is open to all club members to compete on an individual basis.
  • A maximum of monochrome images (not previously entered into this competition) and/or a maximum of colour images (not previously entered into this competition) should be submitted.
  • Please note that a digital file of each print should also be submitted as per the rules below.
  • The Roy Thomas Cup will be presented to the best colour print.
  • The Waller Cup will be presented to the best monochrome print. 
  • (New guidance from 2018-2019) Monochrome prints to be labelled: M1-Title-Membership Number, M2-Title-Membership Number.  Colour prints to be labelled: C1-Title-Membership Number, C2-Title-Membership Number

Inter-Club Competitions

  • During the season, Truro Camera Club will compete against other local clubs. 
  • The committee will select images to represent the Club in these competitions.


Competition Rules


TCC Competition Rules 2018(Nov 18 Update).pdf

Cornwall Photographic Alliance Competitions

Charles Hosken Memorial Competition

  • This competition is open to all club members to compete on an individual basis.
  • A maximum of 4 digital images (of any age, but not previously entered into this competition) should be submitted.
  • There is usually an entrance fee of £0.50 for each image.
  • Images should be submitted to the competition secretary (deadline on Winter Programme).
  • Images should be sized as detailed above.
  • Image files should be named D1-Image Title-Photographer's Name-Camera Club, D2-Image Title-Photographer's Name-Camera Club, D3-Image Title-Photographer's Name-Camera Club, D4-Image Title-Photographer's Name-Camera Club.
  • Please note the upper and lower case and use of hyphens in the image name. 
  • The file name as presented will be copied for projection in the competition, so please check it is spelt correctly.

CPA Wildlife and Nature Competition

  • This is a digital image only competition
  • A maximum of 6 images may be entered between the two sections (eg. N4 & W2 or N3 & W1).
  • Sort code for image 1 would be N1 or W1 and image 2 would be N2 & W2 then follow Charles Hosken instructions.
  • Images should be sized as detailed above.
  • Date of competition Saturday 10 November 2018
  • Entry costs 50p per image (max 6 images)
  • Judges TBA
  • Trophies/Awards 1st Cup, 2nd & 3rd Certificate for each section.

Section A - Nature

  • Avoid human elements
  • Bands on animals & birds are acceptable
  • Not acceptable, would include hybrid plants & cultivated plants
  • No domestic or feral animals
  • No removal of parts of the image other than cropping
  • HDR, focus stacking and dodging/burning are OK
  • Image can be converted to monochrome
  • No IR images allowed
  • Images taken in wildlife parks, zoos, game farms and where subjects are totally dependent on man for food are OK in Section A.

Section B – Wildlife

  • All images are assumed to qualify for a (W) in Section B and as such a ‘W’ is NOT required on the image.
  • No zoo or animals dependant on man for food in section B – they can be submitted in Section A.
  • Marine subjects taken in the wild are suitable for this section.

The Cornwall Photographic Alliance Annual Competition

  • Each club shall submit a portfolio comprising 15 digital images and 15 prints (colour or monochrome)
  • There shall be no more than 3 digital images and/or prints entered by any one member.
  • There is no age limit on the images, but it must not have been previously entered into this competition.
  • Multi-club members may enter once only in each section (e.g. prints for one club and digital images for another club).

Details of these competitions can be downloaded from the CPA website.