One of the aims of any camera club is to encourage and expand the hobby of photography.

Truro Camera Club is no exception and we recognise that there is not always the time within the set programme to answer or show members possible answers to their queries.

Arrangements can be made to meet at 7.00pm on Monday evenings before the club meeting for one to one tutorials or home visits could be looked at as an alternative.

Please see the club secretary if you are interested in this ''on demand'' tuition.

The winter programme has a number of Member/Practical/Subject critique evenings.
Any member wishing to fill part or all of an evening let the winter programme secretary know.
Evenings can be used to show what you are working on or a presentation of holiday images or a subject you are photographing. Anything you want to share with the other members.
We only see a small selection of work in competitions. Show us your best work as well as those that did not turn out so good.
We all learn by our own trials and also by seeing what other members are experimenting with.

Get involved. The club should be run by members for the members.

Please remember when submitting your prints for the Print Of The Year (Roy Thomas Cup) that you also have to supply a digital file of the print. This will save time later if your print is selected for the CPA annual competition.

All prints selected and entered for the CPA annual competition must have a digital file of the image submitted as well. The prints are judged as prints. The print digital images are projected on the presentation night so that all can be seen by everyone.

Congratulations to Nicholas Richards for his winning digital image of the year of the British Museum.