Winter Programme 2018-19

Please check back again later as details may be changed.

3rd September 2018

 First week back            

 Learning to critique images 

 Slideshow from Clubs Facebook page

10th September 2018

 Demonstration/hands on Evening

 Group talks; Software, cameras, Lens and print mount   demonstrations

17th September 2018  

 Guest Speaker

 Jan Pentreath-Snapshots of Cornish Maritime History

 Entry deadline for 1st Open Competition

24th September 2018

Technical Training Evening

 Angela & Barry Thompson

 Merits of Lightroom vs Photoshop

1st October 2018   

 1st Open Competition           

 Judge - Brian Galbraith

8th October 2018   

 Technical Training Evening

 Underwater Photography – Why  Bother? - John Yarrow

 Printing Your Own Pictures & BPE and Beyond - Angela and   Barry Thompson

 15th October 2018   


 Roy McBride - Continuing Roy's Rambles

 (Donations for Sightsavers International will be collected during the evening)

 22nd October 2018 

 Guest Speaker

 Belinda Ratnayake - Holiday in Northern India

29th October 2018

  Summer Team competition result evening 

 Entry deadline for  2nd Open Competition

5th November 2018

 Guest Speaker    

 David Chapman - Landscape and Wildlife Photography

12th November 2018

 2nd Open Competition               

 Judge - Kim Pilkington    

19th November 2018

 Guest Speakers

 Martin & Viv Howse - Talk on the Royal Photographic Society 

 Entry Deadline for 3rd Open Competition

26th November 2018

 Inter-club Competition


 Judge - Kevin Leah

3rd December 2018 

 3rd Open Competition          

  Judge - Lorraine Robins

10th December 2018 

 Guest Speaker

 Mark Walker - Lighting for Portraits/Still life

17th December 2018   

 Christmas Meal  

 Punchbowl and Ladle

24th December 2018 

 No Meeting

31st December 2018


 No Meeting

7th January 2019 

  The story behind the image. An opportunity to tell an image's    back story - Led by Nicholas Richards

14th January 2019

Members vote for the change in the constitutuion

Entry deadline for 4th competition. Theme "Reflections

21st January 2019

 Margaret Hocking- Travel Photography

28th January 2019

 4th themed competition. Subject "Reflections"            

 Judge - Helen Gadd 

4th February 2019

  "Beating About the Bush". A Kruger Park safari, with Bill Hall     and Linda Latham.

11th February 2019

  Inter-Club Competition


  (Helston to run)

18th February 2019 

  Macro Photography - Pamela Robertson

25th February 2019   

  Early Photography in Cornwall -Frank Argall

 4th March 2019

 Inter-club Competition


 Judge - Janet Downes

11th March 2019

  Entry Deadline for Print of the Year Competition

18th March 2019


 Entry Deadline for Digital Image of the Year Competition

25th March 2019 


 Print of the Year Competition           

 Judge - Mark Walker

1st April 2019

 Digital Image of the Year Competition         

 Judge - Pam Robertson

8th April 2019

 Annual General Meeting

15th April 2019

 Last Meeting of the Season Award Ceremony